Henderson Taekwon-Do

Hart Taekwon-Do is excited to introduce TKD KUBZ, a new, unique programme for New Zealand. It is a fun filled safety-first children’s programme for 3-6 year olds, using Martial Arts philosophy, inspiring great behaviour, teaching social interaction and so much more!

The programme was developed by Master Mark Hutton from Scotland, and focuses on pre-schoolers. Reinforcing the positive behaviours you teach at home.

TKD Kubz uses simple drills to teach skills like how we “build a more peaceful world” by simply smiling and shaking hands, as well as the essential skills of:

  • Child protection against adults, known and unknown.
  • Dealing with aggressive children and bullying, verbal and non-verbal.
  • Health and fitness – the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The benefits of working together and the fun of sharing.

Class times (45mins):

Monday and/or Wednesday – 10am, 3:30pm, or 4:30pm