Henderson Taekwon-Do


Henderson Intermediate
School Gym, 70 Lincoln Road, Henderson

Entrance is off Fairdene Ave by the driveway lights. Going down the long driveway and turning right at the end will leave you right outside the gym where we train.

Kubz classes are at:
Rampage Community Hub
Westfield Westcity
(Along from the Hollywood Bakery)


Our class structure allows for kids to training with Mum and Dad. The only sport where the family can achieve and grow together.

We train Monday and Wednesdays at the following times.

Kubz 3-5 yrs (Rampage Community Hub)10am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm or 4:30pm (Wednesdays only, 45mins)
Mini Kids 5-7 yrs4:30pm – 5:30pm
Intermediates (Beginners Class)5:30pm – 7:00pm (Overlaps with Senior Class)
Senior (Green Belt above)6:30pm – 8:00pm
Blackbelt Class8:00pm – 8:30pm (Wednesday’s Only)

Training Fees

Fees are based on 12 monthly or 52 weekly payments.


KUBZ, $50.00 pm or $11.80 pw
Mini Kids, $50 pm or $11.80 pw
7-13yrs, $55 pm or $13.00 pw
14+yrs, $68 pm or $16.00 pw

Family Discounts

2 Family members Train – $95 pm
3+ Family members Train – $115 pm
(T&C’s apply)

Payment Details

Bank Details:


Reference: TKD Fees
Particulars: Please put the name of the person or family who is training.

Cheque – Please make them out to HART TKD, and pop the name of the person training on the back.


Uniforms (doboks) are NOT compulsory when you first join, mufti can be worn, we recommend a t-shirt and shorts or track pants.

It is best to make sure children want to continue before purchasing one. Dobok pricing is from $90.

Joining Fee

There is a one off joining fee of $90.00 for 1 student or $130 for Family of 2 or more joining at the same time. This covers all costs to register with ITFNZ, the national organisation.

When paying monthly/weekly for 12 months this includes re-registration fees. Alternatively a charge of $75 annually to re-register.

Grading Fees

Mini Kids Grading:

Gradings for the mini-kids Syllabus are optional and are commonly held every 3 months. A minimal $25 grading fee is charged.

ITFNZ Grading:

Grading fees are charged according to ITFNZ and is charged according to your belt level.

  • White – Green Strip = $75
  • Green belt -Blue tip = $85
  • Blue belt to belt strip = $95
  • Double grading = An additional $55

Grading fee includes your new belt or stripe and certificate. Family discounts available including a cap of $140 apply. Please check with your instructor.

NOTE: Grading Fees must be paid prior to gradings. Additionally, training fees must be up to date to be able to grade.

Why don't you come along for a free class?

No obligation, no sales pitch. Just show up, give it a go, and have some fun.